Kamis, 25 Agustus 2011

surat kecil untuk tuhan

Hi Friend, my name is Keke. My age is 13 years old when I was convicted had malignant cancer disease called Rabdomiosarkoma, it is difficult for me to understand what the disease that attacks the part of my face that even to mention re-name the disease, I was very difficult. The doctor said I had cancer tissue is very soft and be the first step in Indonesia who have the disease.

I was sad when my dad cry doctors refuse to perform surgery on my face. The doctor says: if I do not do surgery, then my life will not last more than 3 months. I was very surprised, because the disease has no signs of anything other than I had eye pain followed by bleeding that occurred during the week. Cancer is only the size of my finger nails and lodged in the temples of my eye, but it requires surgery I lost some of the left face and eyes.

My father certainly would not willingly I lost part of my face because I was a young girl who will grow up someday anyway. I never understood how frightening disease that until I feel myself part of my face began to swell as tennis balls and the blind. When I cry to feel pain, my father never wanted to honestly say the disease. Until the end I struggled to live for 3 months seek traditional treatment and one cleric told me I esophageal cancer.

My feelings were very devastated, I know my life is no longer with the blind and lost my left nostril breathing. I cried and protested to God, why did he have the heart to snatch my youth and my chance to become a singer and model. Tears are falling every day, never miss it when it came the pain of cancer. However I was lucky, my friends, my family and my love always there beside me to give you endless support.

When I started to let go of God picked me up, I just pray to God hoping that he gives me more time in the world to say for parting with a friend, my lover and especially to make my dad happy more lama.Disaat that I could not stand and suffered critical. God heard my prayer, that's when I get a miracle, a doctor saved me from it in times when my last. I was cured and cancer hit my face miraculously disappeared.

I felt the goodness of God to me and against the death sentence the doctor said to me, I promised him from that moment to be grateful for the life he gave me. After the disease was missing in my life, I spent my days happily with family and friends, I spend my time with studying the scriptures and myself closer to God. Life-life passed happily, although in the end things did not happen again in my life I'd hoped when the cancer returned to me, now he attacks my right face.

When I get the verdict was returned, I was no longer afraid and I'm no longer angry at God. I'm grateful to him, he gave me the chance much longer in this world to be with friends, family and kekasihku.Walau tears fell beside, I'm trying to toughen up and tell everybody, if the exam in my life is a sign of God's dear to me.

The doctor who saved my life the first time to surrender, he was unable to save me. I just smiled and promised to stay alive until I can pass my final exam in this world in order to pass in junior high school. Although I'm blind and lame, I promise to God and my friends to graduate high school and wear uniforms.

Friend, life is a wonderful gift. The goodness of God, I was able to take the exam schools with a more severe condition. I'm grateful because it can pass well and to finally be able to wear a uniform gray skirt with my friends even though only a day before when I had to be rushed to the hospital because blood continues to flow in hidungku.Kematianku getting closer and that I could feel the breath of mine when the weight.

But I do not want to leave this world without writing a letter to the Lord ... a letter that has made me live as a girl who struggles to live and thousands of other children who had cancer the same way. I hope when I'm no longer in this world, my story an inspiration to anyone in this world to be grateful for life. Because God so loved us all with his trials.
Buddy ..... when there is laughter in this world, then there will be weeping beside him.

Jumat, 12 Agustus 2011


Should you think.

The woman was already too well with you.

For too many sacrifices for you.

He also had a great love for you.

He even received the way you are.

He always loves you lack.

He is always there when you need something.

He is always faithful to accompany you.

He who always care about you.

and He is I. ..
oleh Hazifah Azwir


OLEH Hazifah Azwir Casually you say love.

You betrayed me casually.

Casually you break my feelings.

Casually you say sorry.

And you want to go around again.

* I beg berkacalah ...

what have you done this so painful for me.

destroy all my love to you.

crush all my dreams.

* There is no single person who would feel the pain terkhianati. And including me.

* Quite simply you are doing this to me ..

you simply just like I felt it.

already sick enough that you give ..

* I give you my heart intact.

so sweet you get started.

but so sadistic you end it.

* Too heavy tuk me navigating alone.

too hard to reach my tuk.


The first I heard your voice, that's when I

know ..

you feel very close to me.

I knew then, that I LOVE YOU ..

but what happens now?

you have been away from me.

I really miss you ..

* star .. no longer shining on my mind.

sky .. no longer calling my name.

months .. no longer expect me.





whether it is

* much?

indeed you have been away from me.

increasing distances each day, has now become a chasm.

I'm lonely it is trying to build bridges.

so I can cross that chasm.

dayaku but what?

I woke up one meter bridge, the gulf tersebet added 10 yards.

now I can only hope, the gap narrowed and continued to narrow.